In the early 1930's my grandfather, Russell K. Glover, purchased a small milk can coating company that was located in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. The main service was the hot-dip tin coating of steel, cast iron, and copper parts that belonged to other companies or individuals. Within a few years his two sons, Howell Sr. & Russell, Jr., took over all of the daily operations of that little company, named National Can Retinning Co. With the population growth and better roadways to the west, the Company began to make giant strides in dairy customer growth. With the extra business the Navy provided during the war years in the early 40's and the boom of business during the late 40's, it become obvious that the Company would have to relocate to the mid-west to continue growth and survive among its growing competitors.

The National Can Retinning Co. sold its property in Baltimore, and moved to Lima, Ohio in 1949. Early in 1950, a special division was formed to perform "virgin" tin coatings for new milk cans and food preparation equipment parts. The name of that little division was "The Metal Coating Co."! It had 4 employees and a very small production area. With National's new state of the art coating facility now in the center of the dairy industry, plant production was quickly at full capacity. Solution...buy out other competitors and start other production facilities in Winnoa, Minnesota and Dyersburg, Tennessee. A few years later, when a fire destroyed the Dyersburg plant, the Tennessee Can Co. and Springfield Can Co. were bought for their production facilities. It had production plants in Fayetteville, Tenn. and Springfield, Missouri. The Springfield plant didn't prove to be profitable and was closed within a few years. Fires destroyed all of the various plants over the years, with all being rebuilt except the Dyersburg, Tenn. plant.

The early 1950's were times of extreme growth and prosperity, like the rest of the country. But by 1957, the dairyware industry had begun to follow the new technology of glass lined and stainless steel bulk tank systems now in almost universal use today. As fast as the dairy business had propelled the Glover family business, it was almost as fast into recession. By the early 1960's, business volume had dropped so much that the two brothers, wanting to go different directions with the business, decided to split the business. The Tennessee plant was sold. The Winnoa plant, and the National Can Retinning Co. name, was retained by Russell K (Bill) Glover, Jr. and his son, Russell K. (Russ) Glover, III.

The Lima property, with The Metal Coating Co., was then "spun off" to be owned separately by Howell D. (Hal) Glover and his son, Howell D. Glover, Jr.

By now, the only real volume of tin coating business available was done by The Metal Coating Co. in Lima. With the last remaining milk can manufacturer in the U.S. and a large Amish population close by, the dairyware and cheese mold coating business was stable. Also nearby were manufacturers of food preparation equipment that used steel and cast iron components, which needed "virgin" 100% pure hot-dip tin coatings. It was at this time of the early 60's that Richard (Dick) Hussey moved from the Tennessee plant to begin managing the small company of The Metal Coating Co., now owned as a Division of The MoHawk Co., the new Ohio corporation formed to take over the Lima operations.

At the end of the 60's, a major reinvestment in plant buildings, equipment and technology was made. Through the combined efforts of the "young" managers Howell Glover Jr. and Dick Hussey, the coating business began to grow once more. This time it was centered more upon the meat industry needs. Lead in paints drove all manufacturers to find an acceptable finish for their parts, and PURE HOT-DIP TIN COATINGS was their answer. Glass bead blasting and terne (tin-lead) coatings for automotive use were also new services offered.

Over the next 30 years, The Metal Coating Company, did what it always did best, provide the highest quality 99.9% pure grade "A" virgin tin coatings for bakery, dairy, food, meat & industrial customers.

In the mid 1980's, we began our latest change in marketing because our customer base was changing once again. It was adapting what originally worked so well in the "Dairy Industry", and applying it to the "Food Equipment" industry. . Our customer base had already changed twice, so changing with the "times" was nothing too new or difficult. It was simple, either changed to meet the needs of our customer's, or go out of business!! The new name was "Re-Cycling"…but it was what we had been doing for the past 50+ years. Receive your old rusty item, recondition and retin it with pure Grade A tin, and then return it to you in like new condition. Recycling….saves money, energy, and the environment!!

Because we were the O.E.M. coater for most of the established food equipment manufactures (Biro, Berkel, Hobart, etc.), we began to promote our coating services to retail customers, established food equipment dealers, and internet customers. Our low prices and fast service gave them a new way to save their old equipment and not have to buy new. Saving money..what a great idea!

Also at this time we began to distribute specialized items for the food mixer industry. New and used mixing bowls, bowl dolly's, wire whips, etc. were now available a low prices and were made in the U.S.A. too! We continued to offer chemical and blast cleaning services. Add to that a repair & reconditioning service that astounds our customers for getting obsolete parts back into usable and resalable condition. We offer rewiring of your old mixer wire whips with stainless or carbon wire. It's a great way recycle them and keep your cost of operation low.

Our newest service, "Custom Powder Coating", was started in late 1999. With our new "batch" type production equipment, we had the capability to clean, coat, and cure most items. This new service has expanded our customer base to include industry, farms, and individuals. Racing car frames and farm implement components have become a specialty.

And for our existing food preparation equipment customers, we offer "FDA" approved powder coatings. It's the perfect coating for those steel and cast iron parts that need a tough and long lasting coating for those harsh working conditions and unfriendly environments. (Tables, meat saw & meat grinder stands, freezer & refrigerator racks, etc.) As in the past, the offering of highest quality coatings at a fair and competitive price with service customized to our customers needs confounds our competitors and delights our customers. We offer "custom color" powder coating to individuals, business, and industry without requiring large quantities to get a low price.

As of February 1st, 2011, we are introducing a new division within our company, Lima Powder Coating. We are also installing an additional production line with new equipment that has a much larger capacity for bigger and longer parts. A new:
     10' x 16' x 50' wash bay
     10' x 10' x 45' powder spray booth
     10' x 10' x 40' oven
     12' x 16' x 50' media blast room

These changes will position ourselves as a strong competitor within the tri-state market place. Our new capacity with be second to none, with the ability to serve customers with almost any size component with the highest quality coatings, and our fast service…. with, as always, a smile.

As a small business, we value each customer, regardless of the size of the order. Any color…any size is our new offer. It may sound corny…but we try to earn your business with each order. And we still operate with our simple moto:

"Quality and Service" … our Priority and Promise.

Sandi Young is our Office Operations & Customer Care Manager. Gary Clay is our General Manager heading both our Sales and Maintenance Dept'. Dick Hussey has retired (mostly'), but still stays in touch weekly!! We have hired a new face and voice for our company. Duane Dulmage is our Sales and Marketing Manager. He has already made a significant contribution by using his extensive background in powder coating as a production and sales representative. We are looking forward to a long association.

My son, Andrew Glover, has been an employee for a few years now in our maintenance department as the manager. With all the different types of equipment we have, many very old and others "home made", it is safe to say Andy has had his hands full and has learned very fast about the company he always heard about. He started as a powder coating worker, and quickly showed the ability and motivation to fix just about anything that breaks or needs attention. I'm sure glad he is with us. Just don't start talking "racing" with him on work time. It's his passion and is proud to talk about his past accomplishments and future plans….so be prepared for a long converstation!!!

We have had many great individuals work at the Metal Coating Co. Sadly many are gone, but at least to a far better place. My grandfather (Russell Glover), both of my parents (Marie and Hal), my aunt and uncle (Dottie and Bill) have all passed away. We have lost many long-time employees that I grew up with and still miss to this day. Phil Stanley, Ed Keating, Eddie Davis, Phil Dorn, Harry Gardner, Howard Shaw, Bob Fitzgerald, Norm Younger, and Betty Scheithe are just a few of the many dedicated past employees that are now gone, but not forgotten.

My cousin, Russ, sold his powder coating facility in St. Paul, Minnesota, not far from Winnoa, and enjoys his family and friends in Minnesota and Florida!

I hope that our Company, with over 70 years of experience can be of service to you in the future. We have always attempted to treat you as we expect to be treated...with respect and given the best possible service at reasonable prices. It is our job to provide the products and services you need.

So, if there are products and/or services you would like us to offer, please just drop a line or call and ask for Duane Dulmage, our Sales Manager or Sandi Young, our Customer Service Representative. You never know, your request could be the idea that spawns a whole new business change and challenge for us!

In October of 2005, we discovered a major embezzlement that began in 1993 and continued until August of 2005. That individual was charged with 3rd Degree Aggravated Theft and entered a plea of guilty in February of 2006. The financial effect has been very damaging to us all, but we have been able to survive and will be able to continue in business to serve your needs as in the past.

We are here for you now-----and will be here for you in the future!

I must personally thank each and every trusted employee, loyal customer, and patient vendor that helped us through that difficult time. It is my honor to count you all as our friends and valuable business partners.

A most special thank you must be given to the Biro Manufacturing Co. for their outstanding assistance during our time of greatest need. To Dick and Mike and their families, our sincere thank you seems so small for all that you have done to help us survive and succeed.

Thank you…friend...we will never forget your acts of support and kindness.

Business success is usually judged in the numbers of assets, sales, and profits you can show. Personal success, I have learned, should be judged by the quality of sincere friends at your side during times of trouble or joy. I am almost embarrassed to say how fortunate Metal Coating and myself are to have such sincere friends that have offered such positive assistance and encouragement. It has been said that you can buy anything but friendship, for it is priceless. A more true statement has yet to be written.

Thank you and best wishes for your future, as it's been our pleasure serving you,
Thank you all for being our friends.

Howell D. (Hank) Glover, Jr., President
and the entire employee's of:

The MoHawk Company
and it's Divisions:
The Metal Coating Company
Lima Powder Coating

Any information collected will be used solely by J.M. Hamilton Group, Inc. and its divisions, Metal Coating Company and Lima Powder Coating to follow through on your request for additional information. J.M. Hamilton Group, Inc. and its divisions, Metal Coating Company and Lima Powder Coating will maintain such information in confidence and does not sell contact information to third parties.